It’s Just Text





Text it’s a simple word, yet it has a few meanings in regards to different things. Just like Eyman, I had an initial thought of what I believed the word “text” to be. There is the text in sending or receiving messaging and the text in the book. Even more basic definition is a word or group of words that are being used to serve a purpose. Oftentimes that purpose is to communicate something to others or documentation.

It’s A Visual Design

Texts can appear in many visual forms. From the basic ABC to emojis or other characters. Then there is the notion of either written print or script. Whereas typing allows for more fonts that offer a different standpoint. Different fonts can make it harder or easier to read. The fonts can also attract a certain type of reader. 

The three parts to Gunther Kress’ theory and each of them express the result of specific design choices when it comes to writing. Kress states that text is imperfectly based on an understanding of what the social and cultural environment is so that what is written fits. This is true of everything we write today. Whether it be an essay or making a flyer. Even this blog post has a specific design frame that makes it easier for to read or access.

Kress also gathered that text is not just meaningful symbols but is the result of social action. He redirects it with including that literacy is also seen as a matter of social action and social forces. All of the aspects come from those actions and forces

Scholar Approach To Text

Robert de Beaugrande and Wolfgang Dressler took an approach to broaden the definition. Their approach is that texts are a communicative events that happen. All the communicative events must have all seven points from the criteria. The criteria includes cohesion, coherence, intentionality, acceptability, informativity, situationally, and intertextuality.


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