People often associate Rhetoric with politicians who lie to gain votes; however, Rhetoric means more than that, and has been defined and broken down in many different ways.

Rhetoric: Alternative Terms





Other Terms

In order to further define Digital Rhetoric, Doug Eyman explains potential alternative terms in “Defining and Locating Digital Rhetoric.” These include but are not limited to, computer rhetoric, technological rhetoric, network rhetoric, and online rhetoric. Each of these terms is used to breakdown different forms of rhetoric.

New Media describes the most recent advancement in mass communication that has been done through the use of the internet. Doug Eyman goes over this idea in his book “Defining and Locating Digital Rhetoric.” Terms Eyman compares the definition of New Media to Digital Rhetoric in which there can be many different meanings and interpretations. Currently, many relate this idea with multimedia, specifically one that involves the use of technology. Multimedia refers to the use of more than one source of media to allow for mass communication and expression. This new media is different from “old media” due to the devices used with it. For example, social platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook follow its ideology. They allow for mass communication and collaboration through the internet, allowing anyone anywhere to interact.

Integration; Twitter allows people to post information, videos, and pictures online for the world to see


Interactivity; people can comment, like, and share these posts at any time.

Hypermedia; hashtags and @’s are hyperlinks that can send viewers to other parts of the website. Hashtags are trends or popular words or phrases that can bring people to other posts that use that hashtag.

Social media, especially among younger generations, is addicting because of how immersed people become in scrolling through posts.

Narrativity; online posts generally have a story attached whether it’s a short or long one. These posts can range from a major event happening worldwide to a simple story about a newly adopted puppy. The only limit these posts have is to follow Twitter’s Community Guidelines; for example, you cannot post sexual or gore content.

People often associate Rhetoric with politicians who lie to gain votes. However, Rhetoric means more than that, new terms and phrases has been developed from the word such as Digital Rhetoric.


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