New media? and the web.




    In new media and literacy there were many parts that stuck out to me, while being partially confused and also intrigued.  Richard Lanham and Manovich managed to spike my curiosity. In the idea that if someone can really define themselves with only using links to other people on the websites. 

I would like to argue with the idea that it can’t. Yes the new media and internet is part of a cultural form. Where we find ourselves finding our attention to it almost all the time. I would also like to insist on the idea that it can also be very difficult to be personal. Or get on a personal level with the web. Yes there might be meaningful memes that one can relate to. But is that really what you would use to relate to yourself as ? Wouldn’t verbal communication be more valuable at hand to perhaps having a web define the person you are?

Baudelaire’s F.

Another idea I would like to take a minute and look over is Baudelaire’s F. The interpretation was on how they found pleasure on strolling thorough a Parisian street. Connecting that idea, on how surfing the internet is much like strolling in a moment. Then connecting with people and then move on to the next. Surfing the internet is a lot like a stroll. Yes but while most spend a lot of their time on it. My own experience has been something along the lines of a scroll and then log off of it. I don’t even stay on it for too long. I think it’s if there is one thing in that moment. Whether that interest me when it pops up then I’ll keep scrolling.

Fine line in New Media?

Overall, I would like to believe that there is a fine line. From the web to our personal selfs being defined by a link of some-sort. While there is much progression in our generation with new technologies and new media. There should Also be a culture outside of that. Some traditions are good to keep in, while it is understood that many might not like or think the same way. We should also understand the reason why it could also be a great possibility to keep a tradition following.


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