It’s Helpful?





I agree with H. Rex Hartson concise definition of HCI which is “… so that people can use them efficiently, effectively, safely, and with satisfaction.” Technology is helpful and made to better assist us.


All digital technologies were created as a purpose to get tasks done with ease. Yet we aren’t fully safe with all technologies. There are some that track us. Just opening up an internet browser like Google we are tracked. Using Instagram whenever a person is watching the reels part most of the content is of similar things they have stopped and watched and maybe even reacted with heart. The content may be with different people but it will continue to pop up.

Google listens to us even when not in use. I once talked about learning how to make empanadas. When I opened up Google later in the day and saw several suggestions for empanada recipes and homemade dough recipes, I wasn’t too surprised. They came our great when I made them.

Those Applications

I have over 60 apps on my phone alone. Now I know I am not constantly using all apps but they all serve a purpose in helping me do anything a little easier. For example, while I usually use my laptop to do homework, sometimes I’ll use the app on my phone and use the voice option type rather than physically doing it. The applications are helpful when they are needed. There are those with more apps than myself just as there are some with less than me.

There is an app or website for just about anything these days. New apps get created all the time so that they are helpful for people. However, it’s allowing for everyone to be a little bit lazier. People can order food, buy their groceries, buy clothes or gifts, and even see a doctor using the new media we have today. Just one flip of a button and it’s all done. With all three options no one has to go anywhere they can just stay home. The farthest that anyone may go is the front door.

Going to certain food establishments and even a few grocery stores there are new digital technologies for people to use. For instance going to McDonalds there are kiosks available to place orders and wait. It can be very usual for when there are long lines or when you might be in a bit of a rush. Then there are stores like Shoprite, Walmart, or Target that have self-checkout. Helpful in getting out the store faster as sometimes. Yet, there isn’t any real human interaction. People are losing contact and communication. We often interact more with our devices than people.


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