Lights from space look to connect areas together, much like how the internet allows for global interactivity.

Network of Interactivity


Sarah Abrego


Interactivity allows people to connect and interact with one another. Social media helps expand the number of people who can interact. Rhetoric has had many explain and develop its understanding into new ideas and concepts. As such, these ideas and concepts can simply be seen on these social media platforms. Communication has developed significantly thanks to the advancement of technology. Including newly developed theories and practices. J. D. Applen’s “Writing for the Web: Composing, Coding, and Constructing Web Sites” covers communication media. The chapter entitled “Old media, new media, and Knowledge” mentions how media has allowed people to shape and receive both knowledge and information for hundreds of years. This includes both print and electronic forms of media, newspapers, and, with the introduction of television, news channels. In addition, spoken words, written words from the past and present, and electronic words used via technology can convey messages to audiences. It can also affect the individual’s ability to understand the idea they strive to convey to their audience.

Social Media

Twitter and Instagram are two of the largest and most popular forms of social media. These sites allow for massive interactivity between people across the globe. These platforms allow people to make posts online whether it be texts, videos, or pictures. In addition to these features, people on these sites can comment, share, and like these posts. This allows people all across the globe to interact with one another whether positively or negatively. To avoid any negative interactions, there are options to “block” individuals who spread hate or who may “troll” people online in order to get a rise out of them. Overall, social media platforms allow for inclusive interaction among everyday strangers. And these sites continue to allow for everyday interactions online for anyone with an internet connection. Thanks to the advancement of technology, this massive form of interactivity is possible.


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