Describes the importance of interactivity; social media





Interactivity is defined as “communication that includes some form of reciprocal message exchange”.   When I think about this word, I think of the concept of communication within the digital world. I like the example about readers provided in this article. “Readers do not just passively receive information; rather, they interact with the text”. This is a valid example because when reading, I find myself comparing certain situations to personal experiences. Contributing thoughts when reading is another connection to interactivity.

                After reading the article on interactivity, the definition of the word was completely changed for me. I would define this word as having communication between people and digital devices. The concepts displayed in the article allowed me to see the meaning of the word differently. It also allowed me to think about the types of interactivities that occur every day in my life. Most of them include social media platforms such as TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram.

Social Media

Today, the main example of interactivity is phones and social media. It is no secret that phones are a big part of everyone’s day, as scrolling through social media has become highly addicting. TikTok is a very popular app that consists of a page of videos that you can scroll through for hours. This app allows you to search for any category, from sports videos, to cooking videos, to DIY videos. During the pandemic, this app was used to an extreme, as it was a source of entertainment for hours at a time.

Online Gaming

Video gaming Is also a great example of interactivity, as you can interact and have complete control of the game. Xbox has a feature called Xbox live that allows you to play games with your friends and talk to them as you are playing. While this option is rather expensive, a lot of gamers take this to a whole new level. There are plenty of people that use Xbox live to stream on twitch, which is a live streaming service used for video games. Twitch users are given links to give to friends so they can watch them play, and interact with the gamer by commenting on their live stream.


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