Interactivity in Digital Spaces



When we are speaking about interactivity, we can commonly relate it to digital spaces. Interactivity and digital spaces refers to the ability of users to engage with media and content. Rather than simply consuming it; this includes, actions like clicking, scrolling, commenting, sharing, and otherwise interacting with digital media. Interacting with digital media in ways that allow for personalized experiences and feedback- which is essentially what interactivity.

Interactivity In Digital Spaces- Eyman

Eyman, in the article has explored the role of interactivity in digital spaces. Particularly, in online communicates and the dynamics of digital media. Eyman argues that interactivity can be a powerful force for shaping online communities. It allows for the creation of content and the relationship between users.

According to Eyman, interactivity in digital spaces can also be a ” double-edged” sword. As it can facilitate and hinder communication and collaboration with users, which is the basis of interactivity. A problem with this approach to “interactivity” is that it “constructs it solely through traditional media and therefore, privileges a just apply traditional method. When it comes to intertextuality, consider whether qualities of new media or digital texts should be seen as new forms. Perhaps requiring the development of new theory or method.” as stated in the article on interactivity. It is important to consider that interactivity plays in shaping digital spaces and online communities.

However, Eyman basically said this concept is a double-edged-sword. It has both positive and negatives in the digital space. Some negatives about this are that interactivity can speard misinformation to its users. There is a need for responsible practices and that the interests of users must be prioritized. The need to promote transparency and accountability in digital media needs to be changed. One possibility is developing a new theory or method for this concept.


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