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Digital Rhetoric and its’ Interactivity




Samantha Quigley

As previously defined in one of my former blog posts, digital rhetoric is the understanding and ability to use differing digital tools and literacies to communicate and convey information and knowledge through digital platforms. Doug Eyman explores this term in his book “Digital Rhetoric: Theory, Method, Practice.” While he mainly describes digital rhetoric in terms of literature, Eyman also explores the various other areas in which connections can be made. Furthermore, the importance of understanding how this applies in differing fields is discussed. 

Where Digital Rhetoric Applies

Eyman discusses the importance of the interface between human-computer interaction (HCI) and digital rhetoric. Additionally, he includes its presence in critical code studies. Essentially, Eyman argues that there is a deeper meaning behind both HCI and critical code studies. Both of these fields communicate and convey information through the use of digital platforms. Similar to my blog post “Mediums and the Message Behind them,” the underlying meaning behind a message is often missed. Incorporating studies that examine these meanings into various fields will allow for a better understanding of the larger cultural context in which it exists.

Understanding the Underlying Message

As much as society attempts to eradicate all forms of discrimination and prejudice, it still exists. Unfortunately, it is so prominent that it can be easily overlooked. For individuals who are more privileged, noticing these implications can be even more challenging. With the heavily expanding use of the internet and other digital platforms, digital rhetoric consumes its audience. There are constantly hidden messages in the information individuals absorb. These messages can become a part of one’s unconscious behavior and opinions. It is absolutely essential that individuals are aware of the areas in which implications are being made. Recognizing the message that is being conveyed through the content is extremely important. This way, individuals can be more conscious of the material they consume.


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