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In the past few weeks of learning, we have learned about online privacy. Technology, literacy and more about numbers. So what is digital rhetoric?

Digital rhetoric definition

Due to the increasing number of media in our contemporary society, there is no longer a clear distinction between numbers and non-numbers environments. This has led to an expansion of the scope of rhetoric, as the need to account for the increased mobility created by human interaction with technology. Contrary to past conceptions, the definition of rhetoric is no longer limited to the sending and receiving of information that merely persuades or imparts knowledge.

Perhaps we can better understand digital by analyzing them separately. In his article “Rhetoric of the Web,” . Doug Eyman argues that the scope of the definition of rhetoric terms has exceeded expectations. And that it is not only a persuasive argument. But also requires a great deal of literacy to understand the meaning of the language.

Existing academic research in the field suggests that rhetoric and numerical rhetoric have different meanings depending on the scholar. Depending on the personal values held by scholars, rhetoric can be analyzed through many perspectives that reflect different social movements. Examining the field through the lens of different social issues, the scope of rhetoric extends far beyond technical individualistic encounters.

It is about informing, persuading, and acting on audiences in an inspiring way through media. And through distributed multimedia platforms. Eyman’s definition suggests that rhetoric can be used as a method of analysis for texts. As well as as a heuristic for production, providing rhetorical problems that composers can use to create texts. Eyman classiifies the emerging field of rhetoric as a natural discipline. Enriched by related fields such as, but not limited to literacy. Visual rhetoric, new media, human-computer interaction, and critical code studies.

To sum up, it is a tool through which different cultures can continue to promote their long cultural traditions. And it is also a field. That relies on different methods to study various types of information, such as code, text, visuals, video, etc.

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