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Out With The Old Print And In With The New!




If you’ve been keeping up with advancements within our technologies, you’d agree that our print is continuing to change. As us humans continue to evolve and grow over time, so do our resources that help us to survive.

The article discusses the idea of remediation. This is known as a shift to a newer form of media that still keeps the characteristics of the older. It is used to help media and technologies grow to keep up with our development s humans.

Regardless of whether you’d rather use new or old print, both are equally significant. Both are designed to give their audience the same message and same information. Though this is the case, new vs old prints may leave different impressions on readers.

Is one more significant than the other? Does one make more sense to use over the other?

Which Age of Print is Better?

Many people in today’s age may feel that the “late age of print” is better than the regular age of print, but that can be far from the truth. Though it can be easier to use these new technologies to help communicate our thoughts to others, it can also strip our creativity. With new advanced technologies involved in our writing, we can gather ideas from other writers (even robots) that are different from our own. This takes away from the idea of individuality within writing and gives us a cheat code for writing.

“The late age of print” also gives writers a chance to get lazy and reliant on technology. For example, teachers in schools aren’t teaching simple tasks anymore. Some of which include, how to write a portfolio or cover letter. Since these templates are normally already made online, teachers feel that there is no need to waste their time on teaching these tasks.

On the bright side, there are some advantages to using the “late age of print.” One of which would be that technology helps you understand whether or not your work is grammatically correct. It saves writers time and allows them to focus on the ideas that they want to get down instead of stressing about other aspects of the writing. “The late age of print” was created to assist writers in writing their pieces and help to make them better and that is what it does.

It’s just super important to remember that there are both advantages and disadvantages to both. So, using technology and new media to help improve your writing can be acceptable. Just make sure to make it your own and don’t let this “new age” get rid of your creative mind!


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