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The Balance of The Age of Print and The Late Age Of Print!





11 Oct 2023

Depending on which generation (era) you’re from, you might had the experience of using all the different types of writing spaces. Papyrus, paper, and the computer screen, and probably get to decide your preference, and find the balance. Most of those changes were very much needed as time evolved because humans must adapt and evolve with time. The article, “Old Media, New Media, and Knowledge” mentions the benefits of remediation. When things change to a newer form of media that takes some of the characteristics of a previous form and transforms it. The mass production such as books that are now able to manufacture in the ‘late age of print’ for a cheaper cost and less time compared to the ‘age of print’. How we can send multiple emails within a fraction of the time it takes to write letters. 

The Importance Of Finding The Balance!

Despite all the advantages ‘available with ‘the late age of print’ not all of its aspects are beneficial to everyone. For one thing, it handicaps and suppresses the desires of many individuals to be self-thinkers. Especially with the new generation. In the article, Old Media, Media, and Knowledge, J. David Bolter states his interest is “in how the changes in writing spaces affected our ability to think and communicate with each other.” Before the development of software such as word processing, and Grammarly, people actually invested the time in their work/assignment until it reached perfection. Having others proofread their work, and even carry pocket dictionaries to make sure that they spelled every word correctly. 

 However, due to the reliance on technology and how it has remediates, we no longer put in so much effort. If we need to create a resume, for instance, all we have to do is find a template. It is sad that even our schools no longer teach penmanship. Many school districts are switching from textbooks to electronic texts. Bolter mentions that “Whether digitized print will eliminate traditional print is being debated.” Schools and institutions are not suppose to make choices for us. There are certain individuals such as myself who enjoy holding a book to read. Writing and receiving handwritten letters. Remediation is important. However, if there is no balance between the ‘age of print’ and ‘the late age of print’ our youngest generation will pay a hefty price in the future. 


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