Agency on the web my thoughts

Privacy online is something That people shockingly know little about. Sometimes people really don’t know just how much they’re getting spied on the web. However, things are becoming a lot more parent with the rise of VPNs and information on what websites do with your information when you visit them. Using the internet comes with risks however those risks can be worth it as the internet Is unique as there really isn’t anything truly like it.

This is what author Martha Fay Burtis points out in the speech that she gave at Keene State College. “It is neither an inherently good or bad space, but it can, through its marvels and monstrosities, provide amazing and terrible experiences.” Lindsey C. Kim’s text was more about how to keep your privacy and use the internet. Both texts highlight the issues using the internet. Based on this all this does for me is confirm what I already know, there is no real privacy on the internet.

Me and my friends have a bit of agency so will make jokes when something we were talking about pops up on our feed. Or when I look things up and then I start getting ads related to that thing. Despite this, I still think it’s worth it since there are ways to get around it. The internet is too much of a useful tool to give up. As long as things don’t escalate with my information, I’ll be ok since nothing seriously bad has happened to me because of the internet.

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