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New media has revolutionized the way we communicate in digital spaces. The current digital age each day shows the world a broad category of digital rhetorical studies as well . One of the main points in the article “Toward the Rhetorical Study of Code” by Kevin Brock, is rhetorical code studies. Rhetorical code studies is the study of digital rhetoric connected with code and software.

It wasn’t until this class that I understood what coding was. When I first started the semester I would’ve never imagined we would be doing a coding exercise. The activity with coding was challenging but an eye-opening experience. When reading the article I was able to understand more in depth what coding is.

According to Brock coding has three main characteristics. The first characteristic is that coding has rhetorical qualities and capacities of code. Such a term refers to both source code and executable programs built from source code. A source code is a programmed message readable only by computers. It’s like giving instructions to a computer to perform a specific task.

The second characteristic according to Brock is the discourse surrounding the development and use of code. This includes code-level comments and meta- commentary. Developers of coding use unreadable comments to humans to interact with other coding programming. Some words may be readable (clear words) as shown in the table coding on page ten. The third characteristic is the social, cultural, and historical impact it has in specific programs or context for use of technologies.

After reading the article and doing the coding exercise, I’m able to comprehend that coding is a valuable skill. Coding promotes creative problem skills through programming activities. Coding is a rhetorical discipline that promotes creativity and innovation.


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