Old Media v.s New Media

The Correlation of Old and New Media.


The way that digital literacy and digital rhetoric correlate, the same can be said about new media and old media. It’s kind of hard to have one without the other. Old media is television, newspaper and print publication, while new media is the internet and digital platforms. What separates the two is the presence of technology and how it alters our knowledge. Old and new media interaction influence each other. Newspaper transitioning from print to online is an example of how closely they correlate. The content is the same; the difference is the platform and the timely manner and accessibility in which it’s available. New media from time-to-time still uses old media for promotional purposes.

Almost every newspaper and television station have a website or a social media account where their information can be easily accessed and shared, while engaging with their audience. One is not more important than the other, just as Eyman suggested that digital should not replace analog. New media should not be a replacement for old media, but an enhancement or an improvement. With the invention of new media it provides opportunities for engaging audiences. Audiences can comment on articles, participate in online discussions and create their own content. Like and share information they find interesting or informative. Content that was created for old media can be adapted to new media platforms, for example a text book can be produced as a digital book where it can be read aloud. The correlation between both is very strong they just represent different stages in the communication of technology.


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