Sticky notes organized to shoe old technology.

New Technology




Throughout the past few years, there have been extraordinary technological advances. I remember talking to my grandparents about the new resources they had: type writers. As a kid I used to type on my grandmother’s type writer and think it was the best thing ever. She used to tell me about televisions and cell phones and how different they were when she was a kid. There was nothing that fit in your pocket. Newspapers were only read if you had a paper version. Without the paper boy delivering a newspaper, you didn’t receive any new news. There was no such thing as a virtual world. Comparing now to then, it feels like technology exploded. We have things like computers, iPhones, and even iPads. Doug Eyman describes New Media in his article, “Digital Rhetoric: Theory, Method, Practice.” Eyman touches on understanding the difference of old and new media.

The Use of iPads

As a college student, I am always in search of new technology that could increase my education. Recently, Apple came out with new iPads that could increase note taking and organization for students. The iPad does almost everything that a computer can do, but it is a lot smaller! iPads are very useful for all kids of students. I also think about how iPads could be used in my future as a teacher. A lot of students with disabilities use them to communicate with others. They are also a great resources for young children to learn and create things on their own! I think they could be very useful in a classroom setting as well. As technology continues to grow, I think it is super important to understand the new and the old.


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