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Understanding Digital Literacy





 I’m talking about digital literacy in this blog post. Much like in my blog post about understanding the word digital. it’s important to also know what literacy means within this context. Literacy in this context is essentially someone’s skill in something. For example, you could say support has literacy in using computers, or other types of media this means that this person is able to use a computer and get decent results out of it.

Digital literacy refers to things like Websites, Videos. Digital literacy is essentially sort of things that deal with technology but not technology itself. I’ve got this based off of the article here. I’ve also learned that digital Literacy is a requirement for digital rhetoric.  Digital literacy also includes symbolic systems and visual representations of language, An example of this are  Memes Since memes can be symbolic and visual representations of several different things.

The article also mentions the term electracy. Electracy is a word that talks about Communication through electronic media as well as different types of media being needed to fully reach the potential that your communication could have.  Like my previous article I actually learned a bit about the definition of the word we’re talking about here. I already knew what literacy was but digital literacy I didn’t exactly know what it was until now.

In conclusion digital literacy is the knowledge and skill dealing with things that protein to the digital medium. Things such as writing and interacting with people or even interacting with different websites, basically anything related to something that’s digital but that doesn’t just mean a computer.

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