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Understanding Digital




Before I didn’t think about what digital really meant. Based on my knowledge of the web I thought that digital refers to technology, like on a computer specifically like on a computer specifically.

While I wasn’t wrong there was a little bit more to the definition of the word digital that I didn’t think about.

Analog is something I’m going to bring up because it’s part of the reason why I understand what digital means.

An analog clock tick each second.

A digital clock is technology designed to tick after some time as well.

However, the difference the digital clock processes information and only ticks forward based on when it’s programmed to do.

I had confusion with the fact that our fingers are called digits.

This made me think that something can only be digital if we use our fingers to make it.

Finally, I’ll talk about how digital affects text.

Because our ability to use the internet and make digital texts, we have a much farther reach.

This is because they’re digital text we can be able to reach all across the world far easier than printed text and a book.

You can write articles blog posts, online books there are several different ways you can reach out to the world through digital text. So, what you can conclude

At first, I didn’t fully understand what digital meant. But now after learning more about the word I understand it better. On top of the knowledge that I already had of it.

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