How many textures and colors can one building express? How many ideas can one class blog contain?

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Come along as we explore Writing for Digital Spaces. New posts arrive weekly throughout the semester.

  • Agency: Personalized Privacy

    Agency: Personalized Privacy

    When we allow our platforms and devices to make decisions for us, we give up our agency and lose control of our lives. How can we resist?

  • Writing is a technology

    Writing is a technology

    In the tapestry of history, writing threads the needle of memory, stitching together the narratives that define cultures and civilizations.

  • Method of Media And Knowledge

    Method of Media And Knowledge

    There is a difference between old and new media in the way that inspire people to alter the way they interact with the text.

  • Writing is a Technology

    Writing is a Technology

    Writing is my favorite technology. This blog goes over how it is a technology, why it is so useful, and why it is the best technology.

  • Words, Writing and Speaking

    Words, Writing and Speaking

    A look at the liveliness of words through different methods of communication in response to Applen’s beliefs about technologies.

  • Words: Written vs Spoken

    Words: Written vs Spoken

    With the advancement of digital technology comes questions about the field of writing. Are written and spoken words dead or alive?

  • Secondary Orality is Your Orality

    Secondary Orality is Your Orality

    There are enough complicated concepts in the English language to make your head spin for days, but you’re already great at secondary orality.