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  • McLuhan and Media’s Message

    McLuhan and Media’s Message

    Marshall McLuhan says that “the medium is the message”, however it is that change that comes from the medium that is most meaningful.

  • It Is The Media

    It Is The Media

    Media is all around us. It is our job to interpret the different mediums of media in our everyday lives. All the different types are needed.

  • Traditional vs. New Media

    Traditional vs. New Media

    With a shift from traditional to new media, we look at individuality of media as a whole and how new media pushes the boundary of the old.

  • Changes to Media

    Changes to Media

    Today we understand what defines the two “ages” of writing and how media is effected by “remediation” and “hypermediacy”.

  • Intertextuality is a strategy

    Intertextuality is a strategy

    Intertextuality is a strategy used in online environments. This resource has been used by new media creators

  • Interactivity of New Media

    Interactivity of New Media

    What is interactivity? A description of interactivity in new media and how it relates to our everyday lives using new technologies.

  • Eyman: Defining New Media

    Eyman: Defining New Media

    Eyman begins the discussion of a clear definition of new media while using the definitions of Selfe, Bolter, and Grusin.

  • Applen Terms on Media

    Applen Terms on Media

    A blog post discussing the ins and outs of Applen’s terms. Primarily focusing on variability and modularity. The post defines both terms in simplicity.

  • Primary and Secondary Orality

    Primary and Secondary Orality

    Speaking is an action that can be identified in every environment. Yet, not many know how to identify the different kinds of speech.

  • Rhetoric: Language and Communication

    Rhetoric: Language and Communication

    Rhetoric has had many explain and develop its understanding into new ideas and concepts. As such, communication has also developed greatly.