connections are used in intertextuality

Intertextuality is a strategy




Intertextuality is a strategy used in online environments. This resource has been used by new media creators. Though they may be applying traces from other texts in the content that they post in different platforms, this is not enough to analyze what intertextuality is in an online environment. As Eyman mentions, “applying traditional rhetorical methods are not sufficient for the analysis of new media forms” 34. There is a clear distinction between printed texts and digital texts, therefore the conventional rhetorics that we used so far are not going to be the same in a website. We can use the basics to evaluate digital rhetoric. Breaking down the methods and the connections between our culture and media texts. 

Meaning of media

Hyperlinks, pictures, quotes and references to other platforms are helpful. These tools help intertextuality to be used in media to find the meaning of texts. These relationships between texts shape and intensify the experience of a text. They add layers by using similar ideas and we can appreciate them everywhere. Sometimes intertextuality is more obvious when referencing other texts. For example, adding a hyperlink to the website or a picture that can be easily recognized by the audience. In other instances it can be less direct, such as making assumptions that the creator of media has been influenced by another media from the past. 

Intertextuality is a strategy that can be used by the creator of media in a way to make sure that the audience is familiar with their site or the content. Using other ideas and concepts can be helpful to create something new or diversify our previous knowledge. Additionally, it is used to recognize an existing piece of media. Presenting texts using intertextuality is not something that can be avoided since everything is related in some way or another. 


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