How many textures and colors can one building express? How many ideas can one class blog contain?

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Come along as we explore Writing for Digital Spaces. New posts arrive weekly throughout the semester.

  • Agency: Personalized Privacy

    Agency: Personalized Privacy

    When we allow our platforms and devices to make decisions for us, we give up our agency and lose control of our lives. How can we resist?

  • What Does It All Mean?

    What Does It All Mean?

    Richard Lanham made his own understanding of rhetoric and combined the definition of digital to allow people to make connections in society.

  • Digital Rhetoric

    Digital Rhetoric

    Digital rhetoric is very difficult to define. There are so many moving parts, it is difficult to pin down. This blog tries to define it.

  • Digital Rhetoric Defined

    Digital Rhetoric Defined

    Defining digital rhetoric can seem complex, but defining the terms digital and rhetoric separately is half of the battle.

  • Digital Rhetoric Synthesis

    Digital Rhetoric Synthesis

    Looking back on Doug Eyman’s intertextually filled chapter and creating a synthesis on digital rhetoric and what it means.

  • The Meaning of Rhetoric was Messy Enough.

    The Meaning of Rhetoric was Messy Enough.

    The word “rhetoric” is loaded enough as it is. Try defining it in the context of digital spaces. It’s tougher than you think!

  • Digital Rhetoric

    Digital Rhetoric

    A continuation of a college students analysis on Doug Eyeman’s chapter on digital spaces and understanding how digital rhetoric comes to play.